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The very best gyms in the Middle East

The very best gyms in the Middle East 900 600 Yves Preissler

When I consult with my marketing team, we discuss topics to blog about. Now, when I saw the feature about the best gyms in the Middle East, my pulse went up immediately: I knew this was a topic I am keen to talk about.

Without further ado: These are my personal favorite places to train, and chances are that you might bump into me there early morning time, depending where I am located that day.


Warehouse Gym (Dubai)

Warehouse Gym Dubai

Warehouse Gym, Dubai

This is the first warehouse style gym in the region, and you might have guessed it: I like innovators and leaders. Warehouse Gym have exercise facilities for a wide variety of interests on offer, and use the very best  equipment brands available to cater to their customers needs. In addition, it’s a very well run gym, and they offer consistently good service.


MProve (Abu Dhabi)

MProve Gym, Abu Dhabi

Also a warehouse style gym, MProve is located in Abu Dhabi. Due to the different membership demographic, they also have a female only gym – well thought of, to cater to the local society and support the growth of fitness while following traditions. Owned by a visionary local who offers top service with top coaches to make a difference.


Oxygen (Kuwait)

Oxygen Gym, Kuwait

The best best bodybuilding gym in the world and my favourite gym to train at. Offers the biggest machine park one can imagine, consisting of international main stream and underdog fitness brands. Oxygen is a place where fitness meets luxury fit out for a super fair price. Oxygen is my favourite gym globally.


Arena (KSA)

Arena, KSA

Arena, KSA

Another mixed used facility where fitness meets martial arts. The mix of strength training at Arena with skill based martial arts training, cardio and classes offers members a great mix and caters to multiple needs.


So, in summary: What makes a good gym?

I like gyms who have a clear identity and vision. This is something you subliminally acknowledge the second you walk in the door. Another important points is usability: The product on offer is designed with the user in mind. No design and branding can make up for a poor layout or sloppy operations. I always take a closer look to see that the gyms follow through what they promise and stay consistent in this promise.

Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler