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The Boutique Fitness Trend is arriving in the Middle East

The Boutique Fitness Trend is arriving in the Middle East 900 600 Yves Preissler

Boutique Fitness is probably the single most remarkable trend making its way into the Middle East. With the first concepts popping up on the landscape, we thought it is about high time we put it under a magnifying glass and find out what it is all about.


What is Boutique Fitness?

As opposed to the large fitness institutions in the 80s that do a bit of everything, boutique fitness studios focus on one specific area of fitness. Offers range from cycling to kickboxing, from weight training to barre and from ballet barre to yoga. Class sizes are smaller and the boutique gyms are really focused on service & design – two things a demanding customer can never get enough of.

 If the boom of the fitness industry itself isn’t enough, boutique fitness studios have been attracting millions of dollars in investment capital in the US. And it was only a matter of time until this international trend made it’s way to the Middle East.


Why are they popular?

The Middle East is going through a major lifestyle shift: From a mostly sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices to a desire to look and feel good. This new desire for a healthy lifestyle brings along more healthy food choices and a larger “menu” of fitness offers to choose from.

There are a lot of things to love about boutique fitness: The fact that a  boutique gym is a comfortable and beautiful place to stay in shape. Urban life can be isolated and lonely, and gyms are a great place to escape these feelings and be part of a likeminded community. As such, they fulfill one of our most basic human needs: belonging.

In addition, boutique gyms offer more services. Personal attention is a price paid happily by members, with a more personalized approach in training, nutrition, and tips for a healthier lifestyle.


Our Boutique Fitness Projects

At YP Consulting we had the pleasure to build a few amazing projects in the region, all of which fall into the boutique fitness category (and inspire you):

United Arab Emirates


A boutique ladies fitness concept with a unique class concept and design details.


The Platform

A flexible hybrid of gym, studio and lifestyle space. It is a boutique fitness arena that creates an inviting atmosphere where you can train to reach your fitness goals through a multi-disciplinary workout approach.



Peak Fitness

For the very best in ladies’ fitness, Peak Fitness offers cardio, strength training, and classes especially designed for women. We love the modern design and the playful colors in this boutique gym.


Coming Soon…

YP Consulting is currently working on a US Pilates franchise concept to introduce to Kuwait – we are excited to break the news soon!

Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler