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Supplier Focus: Ziva (and how to identify a great supplier!)

Supplier Focus: Ziva (and how to identify a great supplier!) 900 600 Yves Preissler

When it comes to your gym, the fitness equipment you choose is really at the heart of it. Only with the right equipment can you expect members to join, see results, and keep coming back.

ZIVA Equipment in Sweat Gym, Abu Dhabi

For 15 plus years I’ve been visiting FIBO in Cologne, the world’s biggest fitness trade. A great opportunity to see all the people I know form the industry, make new connections, and among them: source new suppliers. And the mission is always clear. Find innovative and quality equipment that sets a project apart.

Ziva: Quick growth

Ziva is one of the great suppliers that have been able to make a name for themselves and expand globally in 80 countries – and they have only been founded in 2007!

ZIVA’s “Collection”

Their concept is simple:Founder David Barr saw a growing demand for strong, functional and beautiful products.


Quality equipment that suits any space

Personally, I chose Ziva time and time again because of their wide variety of functional equipment. When it comes to creating a specific feelign with colors, Ziva are great at creating the right colors that fit in perfectly. And what matters most – since Ziva has great quality products, I guarantee good value for my client’s investment.

V Fitness in Kuwait with ZIVA Equipment

For example, when I started working with V Fitness in Kuwait, I knew I wanted to create a very clear & calm space, and used Ziva as accent color to add an element of excitement.


My personal tips to identify a good supplier:

  • Delivery as per the quotation. You will be surprised how easily mistakes can happen. This is where good suppliers really shine.
  • Communication of delivery time and adherence to it. Clear invoices and communication pre delivery are also an indication that you have chosen a good supplier.
  • After Sales Service: I always ensure that my clients have a reliable contact person in case replacements under warranty are necessary. A reputable supplier will not argue or make you wait.


With time, you will develop an eye & feeling of what makes equipment and brand stand out. And until then, YP Consulting is of course more than happy to help!

Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler

YP Consulting & how we ensure success for our clients

YP Consulting & how we ensure success for our clients 900 600 Yves Preissler

Gyms are a tricky business – it seems as though a gym owner has to resemble Superman. He or she who owns a gym familiarizes himself with the most peculiar subjects: from branding to plumbing, from music systems to recruitment. And even the most experienced owners run into an entirely new issue here or there.

This is where Yves Preissler and his team steps in. As an independent consulting firm head quartered in Dubai, UAE, YP take care of anything and everything in the gym. Whether your project is in a hotel, an independent fitness club, or a real estate location: Chances are, you name it, we’ve been there.

Turnkey solutions with YP Consulting

YP Consulting really focuses on turnkey solutions. Usually, our clients get us involved from the very first step: The Concept. We know the markets and are able to advise clients to ensure their gym will be a profitable business. If your gym runs well, we know we did our job in fitness consulting.



But the concept is only the beginning. YP considers all the touchpoints, just like a potential new member sees your gym. You see, successful gyms are a holistic experience. You cannot have a successful concept without the right equipment. And you cannot have successful operations without the right talent.


What makes a successful gym project?

Timely delivery is obviously an important point, and by clarifying the project scope with the project owners beforehand and communicating constantly during execution, we ensure that their expectations are met.


In the words of Yves Preissler, Owner of YP Consulting:

“The key pillar of success is a detailed and realistic budget to return the investment and be profitable. To achieve that, the concept has been carefully researched and proven, so that the clients and members are retained in the business. And of course, we want to have fun while achieving results.”



Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler

Yves Preissler – The most in-demand Gym Consultant

Yves Preissler – The most in-demand Gym Consultant 900 600 Yves Preissler

Yves Preissler – The most in-demand consultant for Gym Owners


Acta Non Verba – Deeds not Words. This is the company motto at Yves Preissler consulting since its inception in 2010. And what is true for the United States Marines is surely manifested in Yves’ success today.

Yves & his Passion for Fitness

Born and raised in Germany, his interest in fitness turned into a field of study and eventually, a full-time job. Yves Preissler Consulting has grown from just few local clients to a company portfolio of fitness companies, recruitment, and consulting clients around the world.

A fitness expert with a thorough understanding of the industry, he has an extensive network of suppliers, brands, and solutions. With this skill set in tow, he has shaped over 30 spectacular concepts across the Middle East and beyond.


Sweat Gym | Abu Dhabi

His Consulting Approach

Yves consulting approach is simple: he offers turnkey solutions. Usually, his clients get him involved from the early stages of planning and conceptualization. Once set, the execution is the tricky part: Navigating details and technicalities of every element, scheduling and organizing operations; and finally opening and successfully acquiring the right talent and clients.


Consulting Projects (a selection)


What makes working with Yves so different? Our clients say it time and time again – he simply gets things done, in a refreshingly efficient way, and with an eye for detail. This becomes evident while taking a look at his portfolio: There is no “one size fits all”.

Whether an activity gym for kids, a private gym for the Royal Family of Kuwait, or a large scale project like Fitness Time Saudi Arabia: Quality and attention to detail are the bottom line, that clients can rely on.

That, and the one or other joke, told in a charming German accent.




Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler