E-Consulting for Gym Owners.

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Your business is constantly changing. Speak to the experts in the Gym and Fitness industry with over 30 years experience and receive advice via our E-Consulting services.

    Our E-Consulting Services

    It is widely accepted that hiring a business consultant can have huge positive implications for your business, as business owner, sometimes you need a partner to advise you and guide you along the way. In our capacity as long-term strategic advisors, we have worked with companies across the world to help with all aspects of fitness consulting, ranging from Fitness Recruitment to turnkey solutions. With our E-Consulting services, we support businesses in a non-executive capacity. We contribute to strategy, mentor and advise members of the senior team, provide fitness industry insights and facilitate connections.


    • Strategy & Operations
    • Club Management Guidance
    • Leadership / Executive Development
    • Financials (Budgets, Assumptions, Forecasts)
    • Club Management Services (on site & remote management)
    • Business Development Services
    • Online Sales Training
    • Team development and team training
    • Other customized services as required

    How We Collaborate with You

    Our E-Consulting Services are specially tailored fitness consulting packages designed to meet your particular requirements. Here is how we consult our clients remotely:

    • In our initial call, we discuss how we can support you
    • We draft an agreement which is signed by both parties
    • The scope commences and we conduct research if required
    • To check progress of milestones, we stay connected via e-mail, WhatsApp and video calls. We keep track of strategies and warrant accountability and execution.

    Interested? Let’s talk about your project:

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