Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler

4:30 am Wakeup Call: A Day in Yves’ Life

4:30 am Wakeup Call: A Day in Yves’ Life 900 600 Yves Preissler

It’s no surprise that success comes from hard work. In Yves’ case, success is a lifestyle. His personal mantra is the mission statements for his companies: “Acta Non Verba”, meaning “Actions, Not Words”.

When you meet him you know it immediately: Yves loves the hustle. He has created a way of life that allowed him to build a small, ever-growing empire in the fitness industry. To get there, he has adjusted his lifestyle to suit his work. It takes a lot of discipline and focus: But we dare you to try and call him at any of these hours and find him grumpy – doesn’t happen!


Here is his daily routine, his recipe for success:

4:30am: Wake up call (!). The hustle starts: After getting up, he spends the first 15 minutes reading while having his coffee. It’s also the time that he checks his emails and respond to the most important ones (his teams & partners are cased around the globe, so late night emails are no exception)

5:00am Playtime with his two dogs

5:15am Time for a healthy pre-workout breakfast: Steak and vegetables

6:00am – 8am Yves heads to the gym for his workout, then it’s time for a second breakfast

8:30am Arrival at the office. Check in on the most urgent points for the day

9:00am – 8:30pm Throughout the day, he speak to his business managers, operations, and admin teams. They have  weekly calls, meetings, take decisions and work on strategies. Inbetween, he takes 3 short breaks:

12:00 mid-day Healthy lunch and 30min rest

3:00pm A quick snack to keep energy levels high

7pm Healthy Dinner

8:30pm This is Yves’ time for personal development. Usually involves reading or learning a new language. Currently, he is learning Spanish

9pm Bed time – Buenas Noches

Sometimes, Yves is required to attend events in the evening – that makes the wake-up call trickier, but just as you guessed: When the alarm rings at 4:30am, you will find Yves wide awake, ready for another day in the hustle.

Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler