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Did you know Fitness Industry has the highest Employee Turnover?

Did you know Fitness Industry has the highest Employee Turnover? 900 600 Yves Preissler

By Loreana Acosta Project Director

How many of us suffer from the syndrome: I can do everything, no one can do it better than myself! If I do it myself, I know it’s done right.

Delegating tasks, functions, and projects is an everyday struggle for many, however, at any fitness facility regardless the size, it’s not the latest equipment,  the fancy juice bar, or the “instamagrable” changing rooms which guarantee your success, but your most important asset: YOUR TEAM.

Your Team is the first ones to welcome and serve your members by inspiring, motivating and making them accountable for their fitness & lifestyle goals (we assume you have systems in place to determine the same for your members? – a subject for another article). Fitness is not enough incentive itself, why? It is painful, it needs consistency, hard work, you will get sweaty, dirty, you name it… that’s why only 30% of the average population in each country practices any sort of physical activity, including going to a gym. Your gym?

“Coaches and a hospitality customer service approach are your main tools to guarantee retention and the success of your business”

While it is true that fitness is a fun field to work in and most of the professionals involved are passionate to help others, they also need a purpose, recognition and a career path to growth within your organization.

These are our strategies to identify and keep the best of your team members:

  • Hire them on time: there’s no worst situation than being hired to fight a fire, do not overload your team to take the workload of two people, or let them guess what is their role in the organization (job description?). Do not wait until relationships break or the remaining team is too overwhelmed to react.
  • On-Boarding Process: give your team the tools for success, the resources, your vision and values of the company, and everything that is in your hands to let them be autonomous. Your team will feel highly appreciated by having the space to perform their job by knowing exactly what are the expectations and goals to achieve. Hire smart people and let them do the job.
  • Inspire and Motivate: let them come to you with new ideas and strategies to increase retention, or boost the client experience. Remember also to reward them for those recommendations; monetary rewards are not the only incentive, extra time off, goodies from vendors, education, public recognition are some examples.
  • Do/Deliver what you promise: honesty is one of the main pillars of any functioning relationship. Your team will be always accountable if they received what is agreed from the beginning and you stick to your word.

Most of the gym owners get “busy” doing, managing, emailing, etc. that they neglect their teams. Take time to nurture and grow them – they are an integral part of your business.

Lastly, do not expect your team to work as hard as you – the owner of the business. Or are you willing to transfer 50% of the shares to them?

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Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler


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