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The Fitness Landscape in Kuwait & the Middle East

The Fitness Landscape in Kuwait & the Middle East 900 600 Yves Preissler

The State of Kuwait is the world’s eighth biggest exporter and the tenth largest producer of oil with a small land mass of 20,000 square kilometers and 4.2 million population. Over the last 3 decades, the economy has been flourishing along with the world’s demand for oil.


Kuwait as Growing Economy

It’s ever-growing economy is renown to offer advantageous tax structures for entrepreneurs. In the “High-Income” economy rankings of the World Bank Group, Kuwait is 3rd, just after Taiwan and the Czech Republic:


The Fitness Market in Kuwait

When it comes to the fitness market in specific, the landscape in Kuwait is growing rapidly to keep up with the ever increasing demand. In a 2016 research by, the total number of fitness facilities in countries across the Middle East has been investigated. Kuwait is the country with the 5th highest number of gyms:

Now, when we turn the statistics around and look at the number of gyms per capita in Kuwait, the below is the result. For every 100,000 people, there are 15 gyms in Kuwait.

Movers & Shakers in Kuwait’s Fitness market

Along with it’s rapid growth, some of the fitness facilities have been able to secure a strong position. Here is a selection of the top players in the Kuwaiti Fitness industry.


Oxygen Gym

Oxygen Gym Kuwait

The very best for classic bodybuilding with a luxury feel: Oxygen Gym.Offers the biggest machine park one can imagine, consisting of international main stream and underdog fitness brands.


Circuit+ Fitness

One of the leading CrossFit Players in the market is Circuit+. Established in 2012, the premium CrossFit gym offers perfect size and services in 3 locations across Kuwait.


Peak Fitness

For the very best in ladies’ fitness, Peak Fitness offers cardio, strength training, and classes especially designed for women. We love the modern design and the playful colors in this boutique gym.


With social interaction at the core of its concept, C-Club is a members only club. It overlooks the Arabian Gulf and gives one of the most exclusive facilities in Kuwait.



Our selection of the very best PT studio in Kuwait: VFitness. The best international personal trainers accompany members on their fitness journey, with a prime location on the 32nd floor.


Upcoming trends in Kuwait’s Fitness market

At Yves Preissler Consulting, we always keep an eye on the next big trend to hit a market. in Yves own words: “Kuwait is a growing market, especially in fitness. One of the up and coming trends for Kuwait is Mixology. It is the mix of different types of concepts under the same roof.”


Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler