General terms and conditions for talent headhunting service

Unless agreed otherwise, Yves Preissler Business Consulting and our partners mutually consent to the following business terms.


1) The Terms and Conditions herein shall be deemed to be exclusive and applicable to each and every placement made by Yves Preissler Business Consulting. Any variation shall not be binding unless stated in writing and signed by Yves Preissler Business Consulting and the Client.

2) Headhunting and General Recruiting: Providing the Client with candidates already in the field from selected industries or companies. This shall include yet shall not be limited to: Existing database screening, Direct Headhunting worldwide, Sub-recruiters position distribution worldwide, Digital advertising worldwide.

3) Filtering by selectively choosing talents as per the qualifications and requirements set by the Client and forwarding to the Client, conducting pre-interviews and ensuring collected references validity for chosen candidates.

4) Facilitating introductions between the Client and candidates, support and advisory throughout the entire evaluation and onboarding processes including package tailoring.

5) Any document prepared by Yves Preissler Business Consulting remains its exclusive property and any information relating to any Applicant shall remain confidential and shall not be passed to any third party, except with the written approval of Yves Preissler Business Consulting.

6) Yves Preissler Business Consulting will strive to provide the Client with accurate details of the Candidate with regards to the Candidate’s qualifications, personal details and work experience within the confines of the applicable Labour Legislation.


1) Unless specified, Yves Preissler Business Consultancy is offering a paid replacement guarantee for a period of maximum three (3) calendar months.

2) If a Candidate placed by Yves Preissler Business Consulting is fairly dismissed from the Client’s employment due to incompetence during the guarantee period, or should the Candidate resign which resignation does not fall within the ambit of a constructive dismissal, Yves Preissler Business Consulting undertakes to replace the Candidate free of charge. Position elimination is excluded from any guarantee.

3) It is essential that the Client notifies the Consultant in writing of all facts pertaining to the termination of the engagement, with the candidate copied in the email, within three (3) working days after the separation.


1) The Client will provide the Recruitment Consultant the following information in order to deliver the accurate profiles as per each Personnel Requisition Order: Full Job Description, Comprehensive renumeration package details, Information corresponding to visa limitations and requirements, Trade license confirming a legal business registration.

2) The Client is responsible for determining whether or not the candidate’s qualifications, capabilities, integrity, medical history and / or suitability meet the job specifications. It is also the Client’s sole responsibility to obtain the necessary work permit for the candidate and to satisfy itself that it complies with the required legislation wherever necessary.

3) The Client is solely responsible to inform the candidate on what papers, certificates or qualifications are needed to issue a local work permit and residency visa. The recruiter cannot be held responsible for candidates being refused residency due to incomplete paperwork.

4) The Client agrees to supply copies to the Recruitment Consultant of all correspondence with any candidate introduced and to notify the Recruitment Consultant immediately once a candidate is accepted, rejected or referred to other parties.

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