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Supplier Focus: Ziva (and how to identify a great supplier!)

Supplier Focus: Ziva (and how to identify a great supplier!) 900 600 Yves Preissler

When it comes to your gym, the fitness equipment you choose is really at the heart of it. Only with the right equipment can you expect members to join, see results, and keep coming back.

ZIVA Equipment in Sweat Gym, Abu Dhabi

For 15 plus years I’ve been visiting FIBO in Cologne, the world’s biggest fitness trade. A great opportunity to see all the people I know form the industry, make new connections, and among them: source new suppliers. And the mission is always clear. Find innovative and quality equipment that sets a project apart.

Ziva: Quick growth

Ziva is one of the great suppliers that have been able to make a name for themselves and expand globally in 80 countries – and they have only been founded in 2007!

ZIVA’s “Collection”

Their concept is simple:Founder David Barr saw a growing demand for strong, functional and beautiful products.


Quality equipment that suits any space

Personally, I chose Ziva time and time again because of their wide variety of functional equipment. When it comes to creating a specific feelign with colors, Ziva are great at creating the right colors that fit in perfectly. And what matters most – since Ziva has great quality products, I guarantee good value for my client’s investment.

V Fitness in Kuwait with ZIVA Equipment

For example, when I started working with V Fitness in Kuwait, I knew I wanted to create a very clear & calm space, and used Ziva as accent color to add an element of excitement.


My personal tips to identify a good supplier:

  • Delivery as per the quotation. You will be surprised how easily mistakes can happen. This is where good suppliers really shine.
  • Communication of delivery time and adherence to it. Clear invoices and communication pre delivery are also an indication that you have chosen a good supplier.
  • After Sales Service: I always ensure that my clients have a reliable contact person in case replacements under warranty are necessary. A reputable supplier will not argue or make you wait.


With time, you will develop an eye & feeling of what makes equipment and brand stand out. And until then, YP Consulting is of course more than happy to help!

Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler