Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler

Yves Preissler – The most in-demand Gym Consultant

Yves Preissler – The most in-demand Gym Consultant 900 600 Yves Preissler

Yves Preissler – The most in-demand consultant for Gym Owners


Acta Non Verba – Deeds not Words. This is the company motto at Yves Preissler consulting since its inception in 2010. And what is true for the United States Marines is surely manifested in Yves’ success today.

Yves & his Passion for Fitness

Born and raised in Germany, his interest in fitness turned into a field of study and eventually, a full-time job. Yves Preissler Consulting has grown from just few local clients to a company portfolio of fitness companies, recruitment, and consulting clients around the world.

A fitness expert with a thorough understanding of the industry, he has an extensive network of suppliers, brands, and solutions. With this skill set in tow, he has shaped over 30 spectacular concepts across the Middle East and beyond.


Sweat Gym | Abu Dhabi

His Consulting Approach

Yves consulting approach is simple: he offers turnkey solutions. Usually, his clients get him involved from the early stages of planning and conceptualization. Once set, the execution is the tricky part: Navigating details and technicalities of every element, scheduling and organizing operations; and finally opening and successfully acquiring the right talent and clients.


Consulting Projects (a selection)


What makes working with Yves so different? Our clients say it time and time again – he simply gets things done, in a refreshingly efficient way, and with an eye for detail. This becomes evident while taking a look at his portfolio: There is no “one size fits all”.

Whether an activity gym for kids, a private gym for the Royal Family of Kuwait, or a large scale project like Fitness Time Saudi Arabia: Quality and attention to detail are the bottom line, that clients can rely on.

That, and the one or other joke, told in a charming German accent.




Fitness Consultant Yves Preissler